Bound by the striking Harry Potter cover art by Jason Edmiston (Vincent Price 254), or if you choose, giant monster maestro Bob Eggleton’s At the Mountains of Madness cover art, FM #255 goes behind the scenes of the magic and mythos of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and celebrates all the Lovecraftian mayhem you can stomach with a retrospective look at the fiction and films of master horror hovelist, H.P. Lovecraft. Watch as the heroes of the comic book world unite in DC Universe; author Jim Butcher gives FM the scoop on the eponymous antihero of The Dresden Files; an original Imagi-Movies production of Pickman’s Model, and much more!

Following tradition, Edmiston’s Harry Potter cover will be available on newsstands, while Eggleton’s At the Mountains of Madness cover will be available at comic shops near you. Both variants will be available at Famous Monsters’ online retail store.

Dedicated to the world of horror, both classic and contemporary, Famous Monsters of Filmland #255 will be available at comic shops and newsstands April 5, 2011.

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