logo1800x1013From the Eyes The Horror Game press release:

“Eyes” differs significantly from other typical Slender-like indie horror games. It’s gameplay is more sophisticated – proper strategy of dealing with ghost antagonist and navigating the house is an important addition to the main goal of collecting money bags. Ocurrences of paranormal phenomena in player’s surrounding (e.g. randomly moving furnitures, clattering plates, tormenting moanings) may indicate the presence of the ghost in proximity, giving time to escape or hide.

Eye collectibles enables player to share vision with the ghost for a short time and identify its position and movement, which helps in making strategic decisions. This unique gameplay mechanic enables new ways of play. Being able to see when a monster is directing straight to the player’s position can reveal unusual kind of fear.

Game rules are flexible enough to allow different playstyles depending on preferences (e.g. a dynamic, luck-based speedrun or a stealthy, cautious crawl).

Both a ghost’s route and the exact location of collectibles (money bags, Eye paintings, a key to locked area) are randomized each time, providing replayability and ensuring that every session will be unique and challenging.

Difficulty can be adjusted to fit both casual and hardcore players.

New features and improvements are being actively developed so users may expect frequent updates.

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