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Get a free Kindle copy of Shane Stadler’s chilling tale of Sci-Fi Horror.
PRLog (Press Release) – Jul. 12, 2013 – Shane Stadler’s EXOSKELETON free for Kindle (July 12-16) –

A convicted felon is given a choice following his sentencing…  Serve a twenty-five year conventional prison term, or spend 365 days in a new, experimental corrections program… He opts for the latter, only to realize he has made a horrible mistake.

A dark tale of science spun dangerously out of control, EXOSKELETON will leave even the most jaded of readers quaking in their boots.

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Shane Stadler is an experimental physicist. He has worked at numerous government research and defense laboratories, and is currently a professor of physics at a major research university. EXOSKELETON is his first novel.


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