Over a decade ago, a novel set in the New Jersey Pine Barrens created a sensation. The Pines was hailed as a classic of modern horror, and its recent reissue again stirred popular interest in the book … and in the legends of The Pines. Now Delirium Books is releasing Robert Dunbar’s terrifying sequel – The Shore.

Description: this highly anticipated sequel to The Pines sweeps the supernatural saga from deep within the barrens to a deserted resort town in the dead of winter. Sea mists conceal an ancient evil … and even pounding surf can’t drown out the screams at The Shore.

Philadelphia native Robert Dunbar has been called the “demented lovechild of Faulkner and King.” His work has appeared in Philadelphia Weekly and Philadelphia City Paper. He’s been a guest on numerous television shows, including ABC’s Scariest Places on Earth and The History Channels Weird US, as well as on radio programs like NPR’s Radio Times. His plays have been produced in a variety of venues, and he has written for both PBS and The Discovery Channel.

For more information about The Shore, visit: Robert Dunbar Website or contact Dunbar at: Robert Dunbar

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