European horror convention-2014

Born in 2013 as a joint effort between Italian, Latvian, Danish and Polish entrepreneurs with several years of experience in the field of music and entertainment,  European Horror Convention (a.k.a. European Horror Con) is a Horror convention with a  revolutionary goal: to offer a 360 degree horror-themed form of entertainment. With that in mind, not only will the event focus on horror cinematography and literature, but also live music, body modifications, tattoos and art, all of which strictly related to the horror universe.

The festival, in conjunction with Latvia’s Fontaine Festival and Poland’s Cropp Tattoo Konwent,will take place on 15-16-17 August 2014 at the Fontaine Palace, a renovated Soviet-era factory in the small but vibrant town of Liepaja, in Latvia. European Horror Convention’s intent is to cater to all kinds of audiences, from hardcore horror enthusiasts to insatiable party-goers. It will therefore include movie screenings, tattoo booths, live music, book and videogame showcases, meets & greets with horror biz professionals, workshops, light and extreme forms of entertainment, and more.

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