David Niall Wilson is making his short story collection, Etched Deep & Other Dark Impressions, available for free for Kindle readers until Thursday.

Description: This brand new collection by Bram Stoker Award-Winning author and poet David Niall Wilson brings together fourteen tales of madness, horror, fantasy, zombies, and dark magic, as well as fourteen original poems. Spanning more than two decades of his career, the stories offer a wide range of glimpses into the creative process that has formed his career.
Contents include the short stories: Through an Eyeglass, Darkly, Fear of Flying, Moving On, One off from Prime, Headlines, Wayne’s World, Redemption, Swarm, The Purloined Prose (With Patricia Lee Macomber), Shift, Pretty Boys in Blue and Long Hair Dangling, To Strike a Timeless Chord, Etched Deep, and Unique. Also included are the poems: End of Days, The Acropolis, Clamdigger, Cuttlefish Squeezings, Thanatology, A Poem of Adrian, Gray, The Fishmonger, Revelation, Loch Ness, Mirrored Hearts, Dark Man, Banished, End of Days, & Longhaired Puppies.

David Niall Wilson is a former president of the Horror Writer’s Association, as well as CEO of Crossroad Press, a cutting edge digital publishing company. David’s recent works include My Soul to Keep, the Origin of Donovan DeChance, The Parting, a novel of the O.C.L.T., The Second Veil, part of the series Tales of the Scattered Earth, and the novella The Temple of Camazotz, also part of the O.C.L.T. series. There is a free excerpt from My Soul to Keep at the end of this collection

You can pick up your free Kindle edition copy here: Etched Deep & Other Dark Impressions

And don’t miss Wilson’s new novel Kali’s Tale – Book #4 of The DeChance Chronicles, which is live exclusively for a promotion at Barnes & Noble.

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