Doug Lamoreux has announced the release of his new novel, Dracula’s Demeter.

Description: August, 1897, the Russian schooner Demeter, carrying fifty boxes of earth, ran aground in Whitby, England, her crew missing save for her captain who was tied to the wheel with a crucifix in his lifeless hands. The only living thing aboard, a huge dog, escaped into the night. With a few cryptic journal entries, Bram Stoker (in his classic ‘Dracula’) offered scant hints regarding the terrifying sea voyage that brought the vampire king from Transylvania to a blood-rich London. Now, the whole mind-rending story is told…

Doug Lamoreux is a former Rondo Award nominee and Wildclaw Blood Radio finalist. He co-authored the novel Apparition Lake and contributed to the acclaimed non-fiction Horror 101: The A-List of Horror Films and Monster Movies (Midnight Marquee Press). His last novel was a tale of Templar knight terror called The Devil’s Bed.

Now comes Dracula’s Demeter, a novel Fangoria calls “a fiendishly clever and welcome addition to the Dracula mythology.” The story of Trevor Harrington, a British scholar and fugitive. Of Swales, the old Scot cook, who deceives their commander, but knows a good deal “aboon grims and boh-ghosts”. Of Ekaterina Gabor, a beautiful Romanian who follows her lover to sea by stowing away. Of Captain Nikilov, fighting for his ship and crew while something evil, more virulent than the black plague, decimates their number. Of Demeter herself, named for the Greek goddess of renewal, lost and tossed on an unforgiving sea. And of Count Dracula, at rest in Demeter’s dark hold until the unintended actions of her crew resurrect the vampire and his unquenchable bloodlust.

Available in paperback: Dracula’s Demeter Paperback

Or in a Kindle edition: Dracula’s Demeter Kindle

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