We missed this when it was first announced in November, but better late than never …

Dorchester Publishing has announced its partnership with Audio Realms to release many of Dorchester’s bestselling romance and horror novels as multiple audio formats.

As a premier publisher of mass market genre originals, Dorchester is known for discovering and nurturing the careers of countless nationally bestselling and award-winning authors. Its backlist of more than 1,000 active titles spans romance, horror, science fiction/fantasy, thriller and mystery genres.

“Audio Realms’ incredible passion for genre fiction makes them the obvious and logical partner for our audio business,” said Tim DeYoung, Dorchester Senior VP of Sales. “This partnership will allow Dorchester to expand its audience by connecting with readers beyond traditional formats.”

Audio Realms currently offers classic material by Algernon Blackwood, Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, Andre Norton and Marion Zimmer Bradley. The partnership with Dorchester allows it to expand to nationally bestselling authors like modern masters Brian Keene, Richard Laymon and Jack Ketchum.

“We started with the concept of genre-specialized classic sci-fi, fantasy and horror that I became enamored with growing up,” said Fred Godsmark, Audio Realms C.E.O., who has been a professional sound engineer and sound designer for more than 15 years.

Audio Realms is now producing paranormal romance audio versions of novels by New York Times bestselling authors C. L. Wilson, Nina Bangs and Katie MacAlister, as well as some of the more groundbreaking names in horror and paranormal romance. In addition to listings on Dorchester, readers will now be able to visit Audio Realms for classic sci-fi, fantasy and horror, Dark Realms for urban horror and Dark Desires for paranormal and other romance.

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