I received numerous film submissions from Bloody Disgusting readers, who apparently peruse film sites by day, only to don their director robes at night so they can craft sickeningly awesome short films. Check out the first three I received after the break! First up is an anti-Twilight film called The Continuum, created by Al Lougher (BD reader mrl72). You won’t find any awkward teen girls or brooding, sparkly vampires in this short. Three Horror Short Films Made By Bloody Disgusting Readers!

At 86, Roger Corman Is showing few signs of slowing down. The B-movie king tells THR he’s making new versions of eight low-budget horror films based on stories by 19th century American writer Edgar Allan Poe that he adapted and directed in the 1950s and ’60s. House of Usher will be followed by The Pit and the Pendulum, Premature Burial, Tales of Terror, The Raven, The Hunted Palace, The Masque of the Red Death and The Tomb of Ligeia. Roger Corman to Remake 8 Edgar Allan Poe Stories

The third annual Fear Fête Horror Film Festival has announced it has opened its early entry period for horror film submissions. During the early submission period, the festival invites all filmmakers from around the world to submit their independent horror films for free until February 15, 2013. 2013 Fear Fete Film Festival calls for entries

In Famous Monsters #266, they’re taking you to the merry ol’ land of OZ and look at one of filmland’s most notorious monsters, The Wicked Witch of the West. Margaret Hamilton’s legendary performance has given entire generations their first true movie scare. From the big screen portrayal to L. Frank Baum’s original concept, follow the yellow brick road to this issue. Famous Monsters will also take you to the depths of the Amazon where they’ll find one of horror’s greatest monsters: The Creature from the Black Lagoon!

In this… interesting tale, we find ourselves in a rundown sleazy San Diego motel. To call this place a dump is a significant understatement. This place acts as home for hookers, drug addicts and one Mr. Sanjay; owner and proprietor. Sanjay’s a man of very few, if any ethics and he’s not exactly a presence worth pulling for. Allen Dusk ‘Shady Palms’ Review

When the movie version of Baxter came out in 1989, it went directly to the art houses. Years later the video version was consigned to the “foreign language” section of most video stores as the move was produced in France. I’ve seen it listed as a dark comedy, psychological thriller etc. , since the video release. It has since appeared on DVD with a cover so obnoxious I refuse to duplicate it. What does this all mean? It means one of the scariest horror novels and horror movies of the last century has been tossed into the casual interest bin. BAXTER. Horror Novel by Jessica Hamilton. Horror Movie Version by Jérôme Boivin.

Given her outgoing personality and more-than-pleasant demeanor, one would not expect that Lisa Wood has a dark side. Writing under the pen name “L. Marie Wood,” the author and Martinsburg resident said her second novel is a psychological horror piece meant to thrill readers for days on end. The Promise Keeper is the story of a girl who is turned into a vampire at a very young age. She is no ordinary vampire, however. Her maker, the devil, instilled in her an extraordinary set of powers, including the ability to see portions of her future. In her efforts to reject the lifestyle she struggles with, the girl spends centuries avoiding her maker and her fate. Local author pens horror novel

Blog Talk Radio says, “If it’s the end of the world … then I am going out in style with my good friend and Horror Author of Electric Angel, Never Ceese and Forever Richard, Sue Dent.” Runs about 34 minutes. Topics: What new in Sue’s World and what ever else that pops up. End of the World with Horror Author Sue Dent

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