Barry Napier’s Debris is a collection of sixteen horror and dark fiction stories, covering the gamut of classic horror to the flirtatious sci-fi edge. Some of the stories have previously been published by the likes of The Edge of Propinquity, Bound For Evil, Northern Haunts and Southern Fried Weirdness.

From the back cover: People are scared by different things. For some it’s the traditional monster in the closet. For others it may be psychological torment. Or perhaps it is the unseen horrors waiting beneath the quaint layers of everyday life that strikes fear into your heart. From the grossly satirical to heart-wrenching terror, all of these horrors and their brethren have a place within Debris.

A group of unknowing test subject are forced to face their fears beneath a fabled military compound.

A trip home from the local bar on a wintry night quickly turns into a nightmare for a small group of men.

A book written by the most sadistic people in history continues to grow in length with each new person that reads it.

A young boy discovers that the abandoned truck behind his house is gathering much more than just rust.

The sixteen stories and trio of poems within Debris are fraught with scares for even the pickiest of horror fans. With such a diverse range of stories, even those that aren’t fond of horror may find a thing or two to delight in.

You can order directly from here: Debris

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