DEAD HUNGER III The Chatsworth Chronicles
By Eric A. Shelman
Dolphin Moon Publishing
378 Pages

Reviewed By Rick Amortis

The smash hit series Dead Hunger kicks into high octane this time around from the perspective of scientist Hemp Chatsworth. His observations, anecdotes and chronicles offer a unique twist to the first person persona series. Just to recap, the introductory Dead Hunger novel was told from the view point of one Flex Sheridan and his vow to overcome the odds of a world gone insatiably mad with the undead outbreak. His rekindled romance with girlfriend Gem Cardoza is explored further in depth in volume two as we get a glimpse into the fiery Latina’s perspective in Dead Hunger 2. The second edition concludes with the survivors encountering a group holed up in an Alabama church struggling to stay alive. Without divulging any plot spoilers the tale ends on a positive note with hope and prosperity in the air. The clan unites with ambitions to settle in New Hampshire, a safer demographic to repopulate and re-establish some sort of viable grasp on civil living.

The Chatsworth Chronicles is perhaps author Eric Shelman’s most ambitious volume of the Dead Hunger series to date. His expose continues to flourish in both volume and intensity, submerging the readership deep in the pit of the action. Hemp is the brilliant, scientist of the group restlessly searching for not only a cause of the outbreak but a cure for the infected or at very least provisions the survivors can undertake to provide maximum protection against becoming one of the undead.

The terror spreads like wildfire in this volume. A very new threat has presented itself unto the survivors. It seems the virus reanimating the flesh eating dead is not exclusive to mere humans. I’ll allow that pretense to resonate among the readership without unveiling any key plot twists. Just imagine a world where the most common of creatures are tirelessly preying upon your flesh. No place is safe, churning this skin crawling horror deep into the recesses of our most primal of fears.

Millionaire Ryan Carville has also placed a contract on Hemp Chatsworth’s capture. His daughter Veronica has become infected with the undead virus. Unable to succumb to the belief his daughter is gone; the wealthy tycoon sees it fit to keep the scientist prisoner until he can cure his daughter of the zombie virus. It’s a situation horror that will keep readers tearing through the pages hungry for more and more.

We get a concentrated glimpse into the mind of Hemp’s brilliance and his scientific prose. Kudos must be given to author Shelman for not bombarding the readership with extravagant quantities of jargon. The balance between theory, conjecture and digestion unto a mass audience is crafted brilliantly, accentuating the author’s diversity.

Shelman’s unprecedented ability to create likeable characters we can all relate and empathize with is highlighted once again. The narrative takes the occasional detour from Chatsworth’s perspective, passing the torch to girlfriend Charlie. Her take no prisoners attitude is endearing and a welcome distraction from the tone. Some of her whimsical wit that transpires with relative new comer Dave is laugh out loud comical.

Whether you’re new to the series or an avid Dead Hunger aficionado, your appetite for Shelman’s eloquent recipe of suspense, action, sci-fi, comedy and terror will be rendered infectious for more and more.

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