Here come The Melting Dead! These aren’t your daddies zombies! Everything they grab hold of burns. Everyone they touch dies. Everything they kill comes back from the dead.

The Melting Dead is the new horror novel from the dark mind of Doug Lamoreux wherein Angela Roskowic, a Chicago theatrical director and fanatical horror movie fan, and Professor Paul Rigas, a vacationing geologist, along with a crazy group of innocent, and not so innocent, characters are trapped on a secluded Mississippi River island infested with blood-thirsty incendiary monsters, humans transformed by cosmic radiation, in this B-movie between book covers. A roller-coaster ride; a tale of terror to burst the heart with fear and make the sides ache with laughter.

And, as a BONUS for horror fans and those who celebrate Halloween 24/7/365, woven throughout the prose are references to over 600 horror, science-fiction, and fantasy films. Relish the novel, fight the fear, and find them all – if you dare.

Lamoreux is the author of Dracula’s Demeter, a 2012 nominee for the Lord Ruthven Award for best vampire fiction, which Fangoria called “a fiendishly clever and welcome addition to the Dracula mythology.” Famous Monsters of Filmland said, “… the mounting dread and terror felt by those on the ship is arresting…a great read.” And which the President of the Transylvanian Society of Dracula, Prof. Elizabeth Miller called, “Highly recommended!” He wrote 2011’s The Devil’s Bed, a tale of Templar knight terror, which Tim McGregor, author of Bad Wolf, called, “One hell of a thrill ride!” and Fangoria Magazine called “…zestfully gory…”.

The Melting Dead (Stylus-of-Iron, 228 pp) is available now in paperback and Kindle editions:


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