The pre-publication release of John Urbancik’s new supernatural noir series, DarkWalker, is now available for free on the Kindle until June 6.

DarkWalker is a riveting thriller that has already reached #6 under Kindle/Occult Top Sellers.

Description: Jack Harlow walks untouched through the dark. He sees the things that exist there—the ghosts, the vampires, the demons—he sees them and knows them, but they cannot touch him. Until the night he interferes to protect the woman he loves. Now, his untouchable nature is inverted. The creatures of the night are drawn to him, and aim to collect his soul as a prize.

About The Author: John Urbancik is the author of the novels Once Upon A Time In Midnight, Breath Of The Moon, and Sins Of Blood And Stone, as well as numerous novellas and short stories.

Download your free copy here: DarkWalker

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