Michaelbrent Collings

288 Pages
Reviewed By M.L. Roos

Some doors should never be opened, because once they are, what is seen cannot be unseen. Jim takes the subway every day. But today is different. Not because of the gang banger, the pedophile, the grandmother, the New York lawyer or the thug though. There are versions of these people on the subway platform at any given moment. Today is different however, because of the skull driving the train.

Jim is a husband and father, and just wants to get to work. He needs to reflect on the fight he had with his wife and child, tell them he loves them and to beg forgiveness, but it all becomes moot in a blink of an eye when he notices all the passengers in the following car are dead. And the dead have started to rise.

Michaelbrent Collings has created a story with some surprising elements. In Darkbound you will find the intensity of Misery and a journey reminiscent of the train ride in The Talisman. Collings emulates Stephen King as a storyteller as well, and is right there with the master of horror in entertainment, passion and drive. A proficient and pedagogical author, Collings’ works should be studied to see what makes his writing resonate with such vividness of detail.

You will not be disappointed in this dark tale. And you might even find a surprise or two. But be warned, sometimes the biggest lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

About M.L. Roos

M.L. Roos lives in Winnipeg, Canada. She started writing horror at a very early age and has stuck with that genre ever since. She tried romance once, but it ended badly with the young couple trying to kiss and getting ensnared in the axes imbedded in their heads. Took an entire day to free them, then there was the mess. She is an avid reader, reviews horror for several sites, and is the creator of the annual The Solstice List: Best Horror Not to be Missed. She has been published in Death to the Brother's Grimm, Dead Harvest, Zippered Flesh and several of the Spinetingler magazines.

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