The newest episode of Dark Verse – Names: Vaucifyr (The Unreasoned Voice), is available for download at, on iTunes, or at the Zune Marketplace.

Description: Metek, Alaya, Sturge, and Crim sat anxiously on hard wooden chairs around a wooden table in the basement of the Abandoned House in Semtar’s Forest. The basement was lit by candle-flame, but the moonlit, night sky peeked through holes and cracks in the faltering, aged floorboards above. Animals and insects scurried in the shadows. A strange scent saturated and impregnated the air. The atmosphere was dense and heavy.

These four aforementioned friends were those who chose to initiate the Inspirited of Vaucifyr – so to become commissioners of distant things. In vulgar communication, each of them had heard the Unreasoned Voice – the necromantical acoustics of Vaucifyr’s ever-reaching wisdoms – and followed it into dream, passing mind to it, allowing it to transfer elementary knowledge of outlying, pre-creation matters and instill seeds of ethereal connection.

It was not by faith or fate that these four stumbled into ear’s grasp of the Unreasoned Voice’s accounts. The four Pre-Inspirited, Metek, Alaya, Sturge, and Crim, had each read of Vaucifyr; they had uncovered peculiar tomes of explanation in the backwoods of Semtar’s Forest – in the trees, in the soil, in the stones, rocks, and boulders. By looking at these items, they saw maps of interspersed space that flashed before them like implants of memory. And when these testaments were visually ingested from those whimsical media – whether consciously or in the subconscious, in wood or dust or cloud – the Unreasoned Voice entangled itself upon the words in mind, birthing in sight, but culminating as sound.

Upon such interaction, the relationship between life and thought were altered while senses of unnatural utility were equipped. Each of the Pre-Inspirited was touched in a unique way: Metek by intellect, Alaya by artistry, Sturge by audacity, and Crim by translation – an ability to convert the Unreasoned Voice’s words to their own. Within these links, Vaucifyr sparked flames of otherworldly power and infernal curiosity, communicating to them the ritual for its access to their flesh and to their world. It was this ritual that they were about to perform.

You can listen to the episode online here: Dark Verse 72

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