rat-godThere’s something in the woods…Eisner Award Hall of Famer Richard Corben is set to deliver an original backwoods tale of terror inspired by H. P. Lovecraft.

Terrible things stalk the forests outside Arkham in this chilling series from comics master Richard Corben! An arrogant city slicker on a quest to uncover the background of a young woman from the backwoods finds horrors beyond imagining, combining Lovecraftian mutations with Native American legends.

Rat God #1 is on sale February 4, 2015, from Dark Horse Comics. Preorder your copy today.

Also available from Richard Corben: Edgar Allen Poe’s Spirits of the Dead


Praise for Richard Corben:

“He is the mainstay in my collection of original art and one of the most precise and admirable storytellers in the medium.”—Guillermo del Toro

“Horror fans need to add this one to their collection.”—Newsarama

“Richard Corben’s art, which earned him a place in the Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame last year, is masterful. He brings his Heavy Metal aesthetic, honed through years of Eerie and Creepy, and creates something that is both entirely and unmistakably his own.”—Behind the Panels

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