Damnation Books has been busy. The publisher has recently released twelve new titles.

Four short stories: “Habitation Without Representation” by Laird Long a science fiction short story, “Crawlin’ Chaos Blues” by Ed Erdelac, a horror short story, “Changing Woman Ways” by Conda V. Douglas a dark fantasy short story, and “The Green Man” by Lee Mather, a short story.

The publisher has also released four novellas: The Collection by Wayne Mansfield, a dark fantasy novella, Fort Providence Watch by Henry P. Gravelle, a horror novella, The Temple of the Dead: Book 2 of Sepulchral Earth by Tim Marquitz dark fantasy, horror novella, and Blasphemer by Phil Emery, a dark fantasy novella.

And finally, Damnation Books has also released four novel length titles. Magic Rising: Dragonfly by Jennifer Cloud, a horror, paranormal novel, Bellwether by Jenny Ashford, a supernatural, cult, horror novel, Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator by Karina Fabian, a horror, humor, zombie novel and Haunting Blue by Bob Sullivan a paranormal novel.

From their website: If you want your fiction to cut fast and in your face, we are the place for you. If you want to huddle in the quiet moonlight, cradling that book in your trembling hands, we have a place for you. Whether we read by the screen of our hand held or on the crisp pages of parchment, the fire burns in all of us. Let none go away untouched by it.

Damnation Books are available as PDF, .lit, .epub, .mobi, and .pdb formats, as well as the Kindle and in paperback (through Barnes and Noble online and Amazon.com).

These titles became available on December 1, 2010. A virtual bookstore loaded with good reads, is open 24/7 at Damnation Books.

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