Damnation Books, a start up e-publishing company specializing in paranormal and dark fiction has released the following new titles. Each title will be available in Kindle and print format.

Careless Book 2 Alyce Kerr
Faith Healer Trilogy
Yolanda Sfetsos

Description: Alyce Kerr used to be a celebrity Faith Healer. Now all she wants to do is to stay out of the limelight. Her short career of healing the sick publicly has left her with a gaping hole in her soul and a binding to a demon that makes her vulnerable. With Ross by her side and the help of a recluse demonologist, Alyce may be able to reclaim her soul… but at what price?

Can the demonologist be trusted with Alyce’s life, or will her curiosity with all-that-is-demonic work against them?

Price: $4.50 ebook
Genre: Erotica
Sub Genre: Paranormal
Edited by Andrea Heacock-Reyes
Cover Artwork by Jessica Lucero

Caribbean Caracole
Patricia MacEwen

Description: What does any woman want? To love, and be loved in return. That’s all Marguerite is asking for when she flees her drunken husband, running into the darkness in her bare feet. Knowing almost nothing of the tiny Caribbean island that shelters her, she knows even less of the spirit world surrounding her. She doesn’t understand that spirits too can be twisted by loss and by loneliness, that transformation comes at a terrible price.

Price: $2.50 ebook only
Genre: Horror
Sub Genre: Erotica
Edited by April Duncan
Cover Artwork by Marge Simon

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