Monsters come in many shapes and sizes, from the creature in the shadows to the darkness of the human mind. Creeping Shadows (Pixie Dust Press, September 25, 2009) presents three authors that weave fables of mayhem and murder.

Description: Alan Draven’s Vengeance Is Mine – It is the year 1888 and the district of Whitechapel, London is terrorized by Jack the Ripper. Prostitutes dread the coming of night as the Ripper prowls the streets for fresh prey. But one of his victims comes back from beyond death to haunt him and show him what it is to live in fear.

Brandon Ford’s Merciless – Kidnapped by a madman, two teenage girls form an instant bond in the back of a speeding SUV. Bound and gagged, they face a night of unspeakable horrors. Inspired by a true story, Merciless is a tale of murder, madness, and survival.

Jessica Lynne Gardner’s Sugar Skull – Shortly after her father’s funeral, strange things begin to happen to Annabel Perez. A detective investigates as poisoned corpses pile up all with the same symptoms of Annabel’s father. Together, Anna, her mother and the detective must solve the puzzle to the strange dreams of skeletons, Aztec rituals, and family secrets before they are next. A sinister-looking Mexican sugar skull found in her father’s old cigar box might just be the answer … or the means to her death.

Trade Paperback, 320 pages, $14.95. To learn more and/or order visit: Creeping Shadows (this is an link where you can pick up a copy for $10.76)

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