Creators Unite is a quarterly digital magazine, a Creative “ArtHorror” Publication bringing you the best of underground culture.


The Mission of Creators Unite Magazine is to give artists the platform they deserve to showcase their work to audiences and potential investors – we aim to help them convey their message loud and clear!
Itself being a very visual magazine, engaging the reader to dream inside its showroom-like pages, Creators Unite relies on the loyalty of readers eager to delve into quality subjects and feature articles.

Music, painting, dance, fashion, and design are not excluded from the arts presented regularly in Creators Unite. However, movies and everything related to Horror have precedence and are magnified within the pages of the magazine.


Creators Unite is made up of three different types of content:

  • Interviews/ Stories
  • Creative content
  • Informative content


Short, elegant, conceptual and easy to read. Creators Unite is inspired by creative fashion magazines in its design, but presents unique and masterfully written articles.

1. Front of the Book:

  • Masthead
  • Editor’s letter
  • Contents
  • Identikit (Featuring an icon, dead or alive)

2. The Well; featuring, among other stories, the Cover Story:

  • Le boudoir (Interview)
  • Inception (presentation of creative projects at their very beginning)
  • Vault of Creation (creative part: fiction, photography, drawings, videos/excerpts of underground movies, etc.)

3. Back of the Book:

  • Showroom (Reviews about Art, Movies, Music etc…)
  • Inspiration Box (A wall of inspiring creations: movies, books, albums, paintings, photos, fashion shows etc.)
  • Stimulus (Stimulating photography: A Hottie, Trip Vision… Anything very artistic that will make us dream.)

Check out the magazine HERE

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