HHHfrontFrom the press release:

“I laughed, I groaned, I shook my head in disbelief….Ha-Ha! Horror will bring a grin to the faces of adults and kids alike…”
–Colleen Wanglund, Monster Librarian

Here’s your first taste of Ha-Ha! Horror from the masterful Monstermatt Patterson.

Who is Monstermatt? He’s a horror artist and illustrator who does monster portraits and masks, and a nominee for Best Painter in the Artvoice 2013 Best of Buffalo Awards. He narrates ‘The Monster Minute’ on the 6′ Plus podcast, which is either the best or worst minute of the show. He is the wizard of bad monster jokes, and will soon be sharing them with you.
Ha-Ha! Horror will soon be available from Mystery and Horror, LLC:

Monstermatt’s blogs are at:

http://hahahorror.gravediggerslocal.com/ (you can see some of his material there)

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