Alma Alexander, Spellspam, (Harper, Hardcover, $17.99), Saturday, November 15th at 3:00 pm. From the author’s site: “What do you get when ordinary e-mail spam becomes infused with magic? Spellspam – and it’s not supposed to exist. As far as Thea Winthrop and her friends know, computers are completely magically inert, making them ideal vehicles for storing magic spells, not casting them. But all that seems to have changed as students at Wandless Academy find themselves the victim of practical jokes-with magical consequences-simply by opening an e-mail.

Now the spellspams are getting worse, and it’s possible there’s someone behind them who is not just bent on stirring up trouble but has a much scarier and more far-reaching agenda. Until now, Thea herself has been the only person she’s even heard of who can reach through the computer using magic. But Thea’s match is out there, and even her friends can’t help her track down the source of the spellspam before it gets much, much worse. This sequel to Gift Of The Unmage ups the ante on a fantasy world that is rich and nuanced, like our own, but with a core of wildly original magic.” Meet the popular author of The Secrets Of Jen-Shei!

Borderlands Books, 866 Valencia St., San Francisco CA 94110. 415 824-8203.

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