The Devil's ChoirAthanatos Christian Ministries announced that it is delving into an unexpected genre – one not typically associated with Sunday morning worship. Poised for the release of The Devil’s Choir, by Chris Morrow, ACM Director Anthony Horvath explains, “From the horrors of the holocaust to fathers slaying their own children to any number of incidents in human history, there is much to terrify us – mostly about ourselves as a species. Add to that the reality of the supernatural, and I think it is safe to say that there is a sense in which we ignore the ‘horror genre’ at our peril.”

“It’s clear that as Christians, we cannot follow Stephen King wherever he goes, but at the same time, the real world shows its horrible face at numerous turns, and authentic Christian authors have to be ready to grapple with that,” adds Mr. Horvath, relating his appreciation of Morrow’s work and enthusiasm for publishing The Devil’s Choir.

The Devil’s Choir, is expected to be published in time for Halloween in ebook and in paperback in January 2013. Chris Morrow is an up and coming horror author whose short stories and novelettes have appeared in numerous print and online magazines and anthologies. The Devil’s Choir, his first novel length release, retains his unique style – a style that keeps readers sleeping with the lights on, but also incorporates elements of the traditional mystery/thriller in concert with an overriding Christian worldview.

“Sometimes people raise an eyebrow when I tell them I’m a Christian horror writer,” says Morrow, “but the truth is that we live in a pretty scary world. And honestly, if there is anyone who should be open to the existence of supernatural evil, it’s Christians. The Bible is full of it.”

“As for horror, some of the greatest stories ever told have an element of horror to them, from Dickens’ A Christmas Carol to Hamlet. Good horror fiction elicits emotion,” continues Morrow, “… that’s what I’ve done with The Devil’s Choir. I set out to write a story that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat with interesting characters put in situations that, although they contain an element of the supernatural, we can all identify with.”

About The Devil’s Choir, Morrow shares, “The story revolves around two primary characters, Melanie Elarton, a young college student with some unique abilities, and Ari, an investigator with an interesting past. I can’t say much more about Ari without giving something of the story away. You’ll just have to read it! The bulk of the story takes place in present day in a small town in rural Kansas. The story comes to a head on the night of the town’s annual Halloween masquerade ball. I think it’s worth noting for those readers who enjoy reading books in a series, that the publisher has asked me to write a second book which will follow some of the same characters as The Devil’s Choir.”

Morrow continues, “It’s an honor to work with Anthony Horvath and everyone at Athanatos Christian Ministries. They have a unique vision as a publisher, one that I think will keep them ahead of the curve in the ever-changing world of publishing.” Chris Morrow lives with his wife ad two young children in southwest Missouri. When he isn’t writing, he plays piano in a rock-n-blues band called Sober as a Judge.

More information about Chris Morrow and The Devil’s Choir is available on his website at Chris Morrow is available for interviews and can be reached through the publisher at

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