Visions Given Life Publishing Company has released Choose Your Path Wisely (Volume 3 of Paradigms of Suffering) by Gregory Dixon.

Description: Begrudgingly, you look into the mirror as you stew in nervous beads of your perspiration. Trembling. Gazing into that which you fear. Confronting your reflection, your ultimate form of suffering. Catching a glimpse into your shameful past; witnessing the reenactment of your pathetic life – the frightening tale of a tragic entity. The only thing you see is the emotionless reflection of your eyes. The only thing you hear is a stale silence. The only thing you smell is the appalling stench of your rotting soul.

Touching the mirror, your flesh begins to melt. It dissolves into the crystallized surface, disappearing in a sea of liquefied glass, entering a gateway into the manifestations of your delirium. You are trapped between two worlds; the world you created in your mind and the world you are about to leave behind.

Pleasure and pain.

Dreams and nightmares.

Life and death.

Choose Your Path Wisely is a collection of vulgar, yet profoundly written, short stories that will force you to lift the dark veil of your mental burden and look in mirror, confronting the one thing you can never escape: the reflection of your misery.

The paperback is available through here: Choose Your Path Wisely

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