Independent speculative genre publisher ChiZine Publications has announced it’s expanding its distribution options to increase the availability of its books through various channels.

Signing a deal with The Literary Press Group of Canada (LPG), all of ChiZine Publications’ titles are now available via the LPG sales force. In addition, this deal results in all of ChiZine Publications’ now being available through Amazon and Chapters/Indigo.

In addition, The World More Full of Weeping by bestseller Robert J. Wiersema (Before I Wake) will be placed in airport bookstores across the country.

Finally, as a result of its growing success and in an effort to remain competitive, ChiZine Publications has made all of its titles available through its site with a 30% discount off the cover price with transactions handled via PayPal.

“This is a major step forward,” says Brett Alexander Savory, co-publisher of ChiZine Publications along with Sandra Kasturi. “For any small press, distribution is a challenge. Signing with the LPG gives us a national sales force selling and promoting our books. Having one of our books available in airport bookstores is an opportunity for exposure a lot of genre publishers might not get.” Speaking on the discount through the site: “Amazon and Chapters offer discounts, so we need to be competitive with that. Sure, Amazon has warehouses and deals and membership points—but buying directly from us is the best way to support us. And you still get the book in the mail.”

ChiZine Publications was founded in 2008 and published its first book, the dark science fiction novel Filaria by Brent Hayward, in the summer of that year. Since then, it had published eight other novels and short story collections with several more works scheduled for late 2009 and early 2010.

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