To encourage the adoption of eBooks, ChiZine Publications (CZP) has dropped the prices of their Kindle-edition books on Amazon.

Novels and short story collections that were priced at $9.95 have dropped to $5.95, and novellas priced at $6.95 are now $3.95. On, novels and collections prices were lowered from £6.95 to £4.59, while the price for novellas dropped from £4.59 to £2.86.

“Our hardcovers are true collectors items, and our trade paperbacks are top quality, but eBooks are more convenient and portable,” CZP co-publisher Brett Savory says. “These new prices will encourage people to try something new from an author they’ve never read before.”

ChiZine has shown that there’s a taste for eBooks with their free eBook giveaway in June of this year. Over 7,000 copies of The Choir Boats were downloaded that month, breaking Wowio’s record for the most eBooks ever downloaded in a featured eBook giveaway.

More recently, Wowio featured CZP’s newest title, Major Karnage, which was downloaded over 1,800 times in one week.

ChiZine Publications eBooks are DRM-free and are available on their website: ChiZine.

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