Damnation Books has released Cheap Meat by Ron Savage in both paperback and digital editions.

Description: You’ll die laughing. Grab your honey, those wacky, wise-cracking guys are back in town! Yes, you gotta love’em – The Sax Brothers! Whoa, mama, keep your daughters home tonight! Coco, Plato, and Bruno, the kings of cut up, the merry men of mayhem. Watch your favorite psychos do their infamous side-splitting, killer routine, Hotel of Horrors. Better skip room service!

Excerpt: It’s Elysee Gardens, about 1927, ‘28. Made the headlines, you know. You’re here on the secret floor, the one that has no windows, the one with the trap-doors and the chutes to the basement. Down below, way, way down, through that hot orange and red hole, that’s where our guys chopped up the staff – all the stupid little girls – and toss their pretty little parts into the furnace. Except for the meat, of course. Throwing away perfectly decent beef is … well … a sin. The Sax Brothers never wasted exceptional beef.

You can order this one through Amazon here: Cheap Meat

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