ChasmSamhain Publishing, Ltd. is set for the March 5th release of Chasm by Stephen Laws in a digital edition.

Description: What lurks in the darkness of the chasm?

Edmonville was an ordinary town full of ordinary citizens going about their everyday business. Then the tremor hit. Glass shattered, concrete crumbled, buildings collapsed, and everything vanished beneath choking clouds of dust. The few survivors emerged, only to confront a terrifying and unbelievable sight.

Most of Edmonville has disappeared into an enormous crevasse. The ruined buildings that remain are perched on a series of peaks, many of them separated from each other by hundreds of feet. The world outside seems to no longer exist.

But something is stirring deep below in the darkness. Something is about to emerge from the depths to unleash a horrifying onslaught on the survivors, an onslaught that will become a desperate fight to stay alive.

This book has been previously published and has been revised and expanded from its original release.

You can preorder this one directly from Samhain here: Chasm

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