Card Deck Review: Deep, Dark & Dangerous Oracle
Stacey Demarco (Rockpool Publishing, October 13, 2022)
Boxed set of 44 cards and guidebook
Graphics by Kinga Britschgi, £17.99
Reviewed by Wendy Stokes

The unknown and the Underworld feature in ancient myths and stories that teach us about our shadow selves, and the world of hidden mysteries. Not all that is positive is safe or healthy! Some positivity is false and toxic, some is so extreme that it blames victims for their desperate circumstances. By hiding our hurts, they don’t go away – they can grow stronger. We are called on to recognise hubris, revenge, disrespect for the land or for the gods, and instead develop our resilience, courage, faith, and kindness. Our fears of rejection, our anger and self hatred, can be transformed into understanding and appreciation of life and self. We are taken on a journey to ‘walk through the shadow of death’ as each card features a personification of darkness, for example Hades, The Morrigan, Vampire, Werewolf, Medusa, and others, and shows them in a new duality, of light and shadow.

A small ritual is provided to bless the cards, and a method of dedicating the cards, and information on how to use them. Choose one card to meditate on and to read and learn its message. On a dark moon, use the Three-Card Draw, or the three card Timing Spread, try the Four Elements Spread or the Traditional Seven-Card Spread. The cards provide us with an image, a number, a title and subtitle. In the book, we are given a direction, the duality of the card, a write-up on the card title and message, a plant and a crystal.

These cards are read one way; there are no reversals! I think this deck is for women who are curious, who want to grow in wisdom – and as women warriors! For the “dark ones”, the spicy and the scary!

The Deep, Dark and Dangerous box glints of deep, dark red lettering with a snake like texture. Its symbol is the cobra snake. The card edges also glint blood red!

I like Stacey Demarco as a card writer. She has depth and creativity. I would have preferred hand created artwork than ultra modern  computer graphic images. Other decks by Stacey Demarco: Queen of the Moon Oracle: The Elemental Oracle: Divine Animals Oracle: Earth Power Oracle: Gospel of Aradia: Halloween Oracle.


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