Yes. It is finally that time. Time to pre-order your very own copy of Cake Batter. The short story version of Cake Batter, drawn from Ty Schwamberger’s short story collection coming out late this year, was adapted into a screenplay and filmed by Shadetree Films. The DVD will not contain Cake Batter plus two bonus short films by Shadetree, as well. A total of 50 minutes of suspenseful viewing pleasure.

The official release date of the film is on May 11th. But you can pre-order the DVD of Cake Batter for $15.00 (free shipping) now. Shipping of all orders will start 2-weeks after the release date. The free shipping is only good until the release date.

You can catch the trailer on Hellnotes here: Cake Batter Promotion

To pre-order Cake Batter send an email to Warren Provencal at: Include in the subject line: ‘Cake Batter Pre-Order’ to qualify for the free shipping. In the body of the email you must include your full name and mailing address. Warren will then reply and instruct you on how to go about making your payment to him via PayPal.

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