Buk And Jimmy Go WestLegumeMan Books has released both digital and paperback editions of Buk and Jimmy Go West by renowned Australian horror/thriller author, Brett McBean – winner of the Aurealis, Ditmar, Ned Kelly and Shadow awards.

Description: Film obsessed psycho-killer Buk Thompson is on a bloody pilgrimage. Driving through the American Southwest, murdering his way to Hollywood, home of the stars that have been his only friends since childhood, Buk is having a ball, trimming the extras from this film we call life.

When fate throws him in the path of the innocent Jimmy, Buk decides to take the boy on as a protégé and teach him the killing game.

The script calls for sadism, murder and movie trivia as the pair blaze their way west, but Jimmy is more than some mere supporting actor. Unexpectedly, old Buk finds he might have a chance at something he’s never considered before. Redemption.

A little bit Badlands, mixed with a small helping of From Dusk Till Dawn, Buk and Jimmy Go West is one road trip that is wild at heart and 100% pure adrenaline.

Check it out on Amazon: Buk and Jimmy Go West

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