Buk And Jimmy Go WestBuk and Jimmy Go West
Brett McBean

Published in 2012 by Legume Man Books
Review by Sheri White

Buk Thompson is a crazed serial killer with a passion for movies. While on his way to Hollywood, Buk butchers people throughout the west until he meets up with Jimmy, who is about to be killed by someone else. Buk decides to take the boy under his wing and teach him everything Buk knows, about movies and killing.

Jimmy fears for his life, so he promises Buk he will do anything Buk wants him to do. But he is put to the test when Buk orders him to kill a little boy after Buk kills the father and tortures the mother. Jimmy thinks quickly, and tells Buk the boy would be a good hostage for negotiation. They hole up in an out-of-the-way crappy motel, but things go horribly awry, much to Jimmy’s dismay and disgust. And Buk finds himself in a situation never seen on film before.

Buk and Jimmy Go West presents each chapter in script format, setting the scene and tone for the story. Brett McBean doesn’t hold back; Buk Thompson is mean, sadistic, and just plain scary. He doesn’t just murder, he has fun with it, enjoys it – it’s his hobby. He gets off – literally – on the screams, the blood, and the pain he causes. And Jimmy follows along, knowing it’s kill or be killed while he’s with Buk, which really isn’t his choice.

I’ve had the pleasure of reading a collection of the author’s short stories (Tales of Sin and Madness), so I was looking forward to reading this longer work. I wasn’t disappointed; Buk and Jimmy Go West was a lot of fun to read. Sure it was brutal, and Buk really had no redeeming qualities, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the story. Buk reminded me a lot of Charles Starkweather, only worse, if that’s even possible. But Jimmy was no Caril Ann Fugate; Jimmy was miserable in his situation and only wanted Buk to give up his murderous life.

If you like your horror a little more twisted than usual, full of blood, guts, and brutality, Buk and Jimmy Go West is for you.

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