In an unprecedented act of faith in the enduring power of the theatrical experience, Director Guy Maddin’s Brand Upon The Brain! will be presented as an expansive live event in select cities, featuring an 11-piece live orchestra, a 5-person live Foley (sound effects performed onstage) team, and a live celebrity narrator, and Castrato supplementing the filmic image, to comprise a one-of-a-kind cinematic spectacle. Filmmaker Guy Maddin will appear in person to present the film during these exclusive live engagements in select historic movie palaces in Chicago (The Music Box), New York (The Village East) and Los Angeles (The Egyptian Theatre). Following presentations of this unique stage production, the feature film Brand Upon The Brain! will continue in those cities as a regular film run (with a pre-recorded soundtrack including narration by Isabella Rossellini) as well as others nationwide, beginning in May.

Surreal, satiric and surprisingly touching, Maddin’s film looks at the secret lives of families in a work that is equal parts childhood reminiscence, Expressionist horror movie, teen detective serial and Grand Guignol reverie. Learn more: Brand Upon The Brain!

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