Wildclown Highjacked
G. Wells Taylor

Wildclown Mysteries
204 pages
Reviewed by Rick Spearman

G. Wells Taylor presents the third offering in the continuing saga of Wildclown; a hardboiled, hard drinking, clown faced, private investigator, with a first person narrative that avoids being long winded by blending action, adventure, horror and generous doses of humor.

Imagine a bleak urban landscape of permanent night and constant rain falling from airship filled skies, and you will get a glimpse of Detective Wildclown’s world. A bizarre landscape where the dead walk, the living won’t age and every day is open season on house cats.

Wildclown Highjacked begins with Wildclown picking up, Daniel Rutherford the second, a millionaire’s son returning from The Gorshin Institute a rehab for rich and famous addicts. From there the action kicks in with the kidnapping of Wildclown’s client.

Wildclown after an interrogation and a rough night behind bars, with the assistance of his dead partner Elmo, must risk it all to clear his name and recover the missing Rutherford.

The investigation leads from Greasetown to The Gorshin Institute, including battles with heavily muscled transvestite jail queens and sawed-off zombie bandits, leading to a showdown with brutal orderlies, and the evil Dr. Gorshin himself.

This is definitely not your average detective novel, but that is where it succeeds.
There are enough twists and turns, and weird details to keep the story on track, and keep it from being predictable.

G. Wells Taylor lives, works, and writes in Canada. He is the author of When Graveyards Yawn, Wildclown Hardboiled, and Wildclown Highjacked.

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