Vampire Apocalypse
Derek Gunn

KHP Publishers
Trade Paperback, 216 pages, $14.99

It’s a new world. The new gold is power, provided by nuclear power plants and parceled out to the highest bidder. The gulf between the haves and have-nots has expanded to the point where communication between cities is lost and every community struggles to survive on its own.

In the midst of this chaos, vampires have risen from the shadows to enslave humanity.

This is the foundation for Vampire Apocalypse by Derek Gunn.

The story centers on a group of resistance fighters, led by Peter Harris. Their goal is to overcome Nero, the leader of the vampires, and regain the freedom of all of humanity. Gunn has focused primarily on the military struggles of this group, and we are engaged as readers in numerous battles, betrayals, and regroupings, leading up to the final face-to-face between Harris and Nero.

They say, if you’re going to write a vampire novel, then you must bring something new to the table. While the rebel strikes and ensuing battles are the heart of Vampire Apocalypse, Gunn does introduce readers to Thralls, who are humans who have been bitten but not yet crossed over, as well as to theories about how vampire blood cells regenerate their bodies and why wooden stakes are deadly.

Despite misspellings and the occasional wrong note, Vampire Apocalypse should satisfy the thirst of most vampire fans who enjoy a bloody, fast-paced novel.

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