The Girl in Red
Christina Henry
Berkley (June 18, 2019)
Reviewed by Carson Buckingham

In this clever re-imagining of “Little Red Riding Hood,” Red is a young woman on her own in an apocalyptic world decimated by a disease called “The Cough,” as well as something more insidious. Some, like Red, are immune, but most are not.

The military is rounding up those left alive and putting them into internment camps “for their own protection.” Now where have we heard that before, F.D.R? Red’s life simplifies down to a search for food and hiding from…well…everybody. She makes Fox Mulder look like an open book.

Having lost her parents and her brother to the hunters, Red is an organized survivalist making a 300-mile trek, through the cover of forests, to her grandmother who had a hidden cabin deep in the woods where she’ll be safe. The wolves she is beset by along the way are of the human type, and much more frightening than the animals ever thought of being.

When she comes across two little kids, things really get complicated.

Christina Henry is a master of suspense, creating tension that had me on the edge of my chair as I read this one. Every character she introduces is completely authentic and believable, including her pain-in-the-ass brother who you will absolutely want to strangle and will probably remind you of someone you know, because everybody knows someone like him. And that’s what’s so great about Henry’s work—everyone is so relatable. She makes you feel like you’re right in there with Red. You’ll feel the hunger, the fear, the frustration, the loss, the cold—and, at one point, you’ll even have a whole new appreciation for spaghetti!

You can’t go wrong with this author. Henry has written a number of tales that re-imagine classic works, all of which are worth your time. I especially enjoyed her Alice in Wonderland trilogy.

5 out of 5 stars.

About Carson Buckingham

Professionally, Carson Buckingham has made her way in life doing all manner of things, most of which involve arson. She is currently employed as a freelance writer on a work release program. In her spare time, she studies forensics, in hopes of applying her new knowledge to eluding the authorities more effectively the next time. She is originally from Connecticut, but now resides in Kentucky—and Connecticut is glad to be rid of her.

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