Black MambaBlack Rose Writing has released Jac Simensen’s Black Mamba in paperback and digital editions.

Description: A spellbinding, supernaturally tinged thriller that explores the dark world of commercial sex trafficking … Upon the death of her voodoo, priestess mother, Stella, a young Haitian girl inherits her mother’s voodoo powers. Stella’s disabled father is forced by crushing poverty to sell her into domestic slavery. Stella strides through the muck and mire of a tawdry world where the lives of innocent young women are cheap and exploitation is a daily affair. The narrative spills forth in tangential lines that leapfrog back and forth between the twisted, erotic actions of a psychotic, Cajun voodoo sorcerer and his cabal of wealthy, powerful men, and Stella’s efforts to protect exploited young women, then builds to an outlandish climax reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut.

About the Author: Jac Simensen is an incurable story teller and wanderer. He was born in South Jersey, but for most of his adult life he’s lived and worked outside of the United States, in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Frankfurt, and the Middle East. Jac’s written dozens of articles for technical journals, a weekly technology column for the English language version of a Japanese newspaper, a prize winning play, and four novels. He currently lives on the water in Southwest Florida with his wife, Annie.

Check it out on Amazon: Black Mamba

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