Big Scary Make Believe LandI have to admit that I find this to be a really cool idea.  I love horror movies, but had to give them up for long stretches of time because, as we told our children, they “aren’t appropriate.”  Of course, what I really meant was that I didn’t want to stay up all night after watching a scary movie reassuring them that bad things weren’t going to get them.  Now, there is a book that parents can use to introduce their little ones to horror.  I only wish I had thought of the idea first.

From the press release:

New York, NY – Originally written as a gift for a horror podcaster expecting a baby, “Big, Scary, Make-Believe Land” is a new Kindle e-book that helps parents introduce their children to the horror movie genre. Written by Jason “Fozzie” Nelson in conjunction with childhood development student, George Cooper, and illustrated by artist Andy Kahl, the book is now available for Kindle in the Amazon store.

Targeted for children age 4 – 9 “Big, Scary, Make-Believe Land” helps explain to children that the things that they may see on the screen are all just pretend. By pulling back the veil of vampires, witches, and scary guys in masks parents who love horror movies can use this book to begin sharing their favorite movies with their kids.

About the Author – Jason “Fozzie” Nelson is a podcaster, blogger, and horror movie enthusiast. He began enjoying horror and genre movies at an early age and was inspired to write this book by a conversation with his parents about the magic of film.

For more information about “Big, Scary, Make-Believe Land”, please visit the Amazon store or contact Fozzie through Twitter (@fozziebare).

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