Bad Moon Books has announced two new titles, one which is the first of their new Halloween line.

The Watching by Paul Melniczek is about a young girl who witnesses something horrific from her bedroom window, a scene which snatches away her childhood innocence and replaces it with terror. Her life becomes a routine of desperation filled with shadows and darkness, void of any hope. Her home becomes her prison, her life an unending cycle of despair. And her nightmares are of the worst kind, ones which are not separated by the barrier between dream and reality.

Limited to 150 signed/numbered chapbooks. Art by Jill Bauman. 116 pages of spooky terror. $19.95. To find out more and/or order: The Watching

The second new title from Bad Moon is The Day Before. John Skipp and Cody Goodfellow team up to create this apocalyptic nightmare of a novella. A massive nuclear attack has destroyed the major cities. Untold millions are dead. The survivors are starving savages. But where others see tragedy, one man sees opportunity. It’s the last Hollywood film crew, making the last Hollywood movie, spreading hope the only way Hollywood knows how, through total bullshit.

Limited to 300 unsigned trade paperbacks. To debut at the 2009 World Fantasy Convention in San Jose. 140 pages of “end of world” fun! $17.95. To find out more and/or order: The Day Before

Bad Moon Books will be attending World Fantasy Con in San Jose from October 29th to November 1st, where they’ll be officially releasing The Day Before.

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