Archives Of The Dead is a website dedicated to zombie memorabilia. Their database is maintained by a community of collectors and covers toys and figures, games, books and comics, artwork, masks, and much more, all related to zombies. If you’re looking for a single place to discover old zombie items and research lost zombie memorabilia, Archives of The Dead is the place for you.

Currently, they only archive listings grounded in realistic based settings. So you won’t find much humor-based or sub-genre related zombie listing. This is because they mainly focus on the George Romero style zombies of the genre. They prefer more realistic survival situtations that are based in a believeable framework.

They also don’t archive films such as Resident Evil, House Of The Dead and any other fringe/sub related zombie items or B-Side independent obscurities. Only a select few have been listed and approved at this time.

Want to find out more? It’s all here: Archives of The Dead

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