The labyrinth is full of wonders, both beautiful and frightening. Trolls, minotaurs, and other odd nasties (such as tiny dog-like beasts with the heads of babies) hunt a small band of human survivors as a group of wayward people try to scratch out a life among a literal maze of stone that has no beginning or end. One part Alice in Wonderland and two parts Pan’s Labryinth, you’re sure to be enthralled by J.M. McDermott’s vivid imagination.

An intricate web of stories weave together to tell a tale of revenge, justice, ambition, and power. Zhan has been sent to find her grandfather, a man accused of killing not only Zhan’s family, but every man, woman, and child in their village. What she finds is a shell of a man, and a web of deceit that will test the very foundations of a world she thought she understood.

A tale of revenge that grows into something more, Last Dragon is a literary fantasy novel in the tradition of Gene Wolf and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. J.M. McDermott brings the fantasy genre to new literary heights with a remarkable first novel that will leave critics and readers alike in stunned awe. Originally published as part of Wizards of the Coast’s defunct ‘Discovery’ line of dark fantasy novels.

Maze will be released by Apex Publications in the Spring of 2011. Last Dragon reissues in early 2011. Updates and information available at Apex Book Company

J.M. McDermott’s first novel, Last Dragon, was shortlisted for the Crawford Prize, and was #6 on’s Year’s Best SF/F of 2008. By day, he is a game writer for an unannounced XBox 360 title from Xaviant Software, north of Atlanta.

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