Subterranean Press has announced the upcoming publication of Poppy Z. Brite’s short story collection, Antediluvian Tales. The collection contains five stories of the Stubbs family, the New Orleans clan whose adventures Brite has chronicled in her popular Liquor novels and other works. Two more stories revisit the author’s fictitious alter ego Dr. Brite, the coroner of New Orleans. Completing the book is “The Last Good Day of My Life,” a nonfiction look at the changes the past two years have wrought on Brite, filtered through a reminiscence about a day she spent knocking around Cairns, Australia.

The work of almost every New Orleans writer has been irrevocably split into two periods: pre-Katrina and post-Katrina. As Poppy Z. Brite writes in the foreword to this new mini-collection, Antediluvian Tales,  “After the events of 2005, I couldn’t see pairing stories I’d written before the flood with those I’d written after; for better or worse, my life, my outlook, and, necessarily, my work has changed forever … These are literally antediluvian tales, stories written before August 29, 2005 … Whatever else they may be, the stories in this little collection now seem almost impossibly innocent to me.”

To pre-order the book: Antediluvian Tales

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