Angel NoirFred Zackel has released his novella, Angel Noir in a digital edition.

Description: What if Angels had free will? What if they had vengeance in their heart? They met one night at the Rowdy Yates Cantina near the California-Nevada stateline. She drank mezcal tequila and played lead guitar in an all-girl hard rock band. He was a serial killer with a baker’s dozen under his belt. She could have been just a ditsy, sickly blonde in dreadlocks living alone in a rusty trailer in the Mohave Desert. He prowled the Interstates west of the Rockies giving into his urges and rage. Face to face, eye to eye and belly to belly, they were both dead wrong about each other. “Wrestling with your angel might be another form of foreplay.” Intense themes. Intense situations. Language and violence. Not for the squeamish.

From the Author: Angel Noir is a crime / horror / suspense novella, a mere 34,000-words, a half a novel. But I don’t think I have ever been so consumed by a story. For several months straight I couldn’t stop working at it, carving it like a sculptor carves a statue from a raw stone. Angel Noir, for example, went from 19,900 words to 30,900 words in a single month. Stephen King once said that horror is not a genre, but an emotion. Horror is visceral. For me, Angel was a visceral fantasy. With intense themes and intense sexual situations, with adult language and violence, Angel Noir is not for the squeamish.

About the Author: My name is Fred Zackel and I am a writer of fiction and non-fiction. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, I spent many years in California. I was discovered by the award winning novelist Ross MacDonald at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference in 1975. He became my mentor and urged me to write “something serious, like detective fiction.” Like my mentor, I earned a Ph.D. in English. I currently teach American Literature at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. I published my first novel, Cocaine And Blue Eyes, in 1978 and it was followed by Cinderella After Midnight. Both novels feature my San Francisco private detective, Michael Brennen. In 1983 the TV movie Cocaine & Blue Eyes was aired on NBC. Since then I am actively writing in other genres besides the mystery and detective, and I have a variety of stories available here at Amazon.

The Kindle edition is available for only $3.99 here: Angel Noir

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