Paul F. Olson has released a video trailer for his novel, Alexander’s Song, which was published for the Kindle last month.
The novel, which crosses genre lines and incorporates elements of mystery, suspense, horror and mainstream fiction, tells the story of one man’s quest to understand the mysterious past of a famous writer. At first stymied in his search, he gradually discovers a series of strange and frustrating clues, each one leading him deeper toward the heart of a shocking secret and a terrible realization: he has uncovered a chain of darkness that began over sixty years ago and is not finished yet.

“It’s quite a task to sum up a long, complex novel in a trailer than runs just over a minute,” Olson says. “But I think the trailer for Alexander’s Song does a really good job capturing the flavor and tone of the book. It was a challenge to make, but a lot of fun, too.”

Here’s the trailer:

About the Author: Paul F. Olson has been a professional writer and editor for over thirty years. He has published numerous short stories, articles, interviews, essays, book reviews and more.

He is the author of the novel Night Prophets, published by New American Library. Teaming with David B. Silva, he co-edited two anthologies of horror stories, Post Mortem and Dead End: City Limits, both published by St. Martin’s Press. Post Mortem was later reprinted in paperback by Dell/Abyss.

In the 1980s Olson launched the non-fiction trade magazine Horrorstruck: The World of Dark Fantasy, which was nominated for the British and World Fantasy Awards, and ten years later partnered with Silva again to create the Hellnotes newsletter.
Olson lives in the small town of Brimley, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He can be contacted through his website: Paul F. Olson

THe novel is available to buy or borrow on the Kindle here: Alexander’s Song

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