Yes, you read that correctly: a seventy dollar zombie movie.

Tom Foster, writing for CNN, has reported that a budding British director is enjoying success on a shoestring at Cannes with Colin, a new zombie feature that cost a scarcely believable $70 to make.

“When we say it’s a low budget film, people presume a couple of hundred thousand [dollars],” said Helen Grace of Left Films who is helping the film’s director Marc Price publicize the film in Cannes. “People can’t figure out how it’s possible. What Marc’s achieved has left people astonished.”

It was by advertising for volunteer zombies on social networking site Facebook, borrowing make-up from Hollywood blockbusters and teaching himself how to produce special effects that thrifty director Price was able to make the film for less than the price of a zombie DVD box set.

“The approach was to say to people, ‘OK guys, we don’t have any money, so bring your own equipment,'” the the 30 year-old director told CNN.

Read the full story here: Colin

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