Writers looking for a new agent might want to consider attending this year’s ThrillerFest, where there will be 60 agents in attendance at the AgentFest, an exciting component of the convention. You can even check out the agents who will be attending, as well as their biographies, ahead of time to target the right agents for your work. The list is posted here: Participating Agents.

And to help prepare you for AgentFest, Jon Land and Kathleen Antrim have posted aa article here: Pitching Tips. The advice is designed to help you create a memorable pitch to wow the agents. In addition, Antrium and Land will conduct a workshop on pitching at CraftFest, so prepare your best pitch, and come to the workshop prepared to test it out on them before AgentFest.

There are only 3 months left until ThrillerFest. If you haven’t registered, please visit: ThrillerFest

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