Borderlands Press is now accepting reservations for Peter Straub’s newest short story collection, 5 Stories. Included in the collection: “Little Red’s Tango” … “Lapland, or Film Noir” … “Donald, Duck!” … “The Geezers” … “Mr. Aickman’s Air Rifle.”

“I wrote three of these stories in response to requests by editors,” Straub says. “The remaining two for the specifically mystery-themed anthologies produced by the Adams Round Table, of which I was until recently a member. What unites them is an ongoing engagement with the nature of genre literature.”

Signed by Peter Straub, Numbered by Borderlands Press, limited to 350 copies, $40.00 (plus $5 s&h U.S), and 26 Lettered copies, $200.00 (s&h will be calculated ships UPS or Priority Mail). Reserve your copy by calling 800-528-3310 or sending an e-mail to Borderlands Press

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