Omnium Gatherum Media has released 28 Teeth of Rage by Ennis Drake in both paperback and digital editions.

Description: One man ravaged by disease, the other by war, their stories–and fates–bound by an ancient entity that thrives on suffering.

For Detective Ernest Riley, the path to damnation begins with an anonymously mailed recording detailing a series of grisly murders. Can Riley unravel its secrets without sacrificing his humanity? Or will he surrender to the RAGE inside him?

Strom Wheldon has returned from Iraq a literal half-man. But he’s lost more than his legs to that desert Hell. He’s lost his will to live. Can love save him from the RAGE eating him from within? Or will a gift given in innocence cost him everything?

About The Author: Ennis Drake weeps for the loss of “The American Sensibility.” He gives witness to the shadows that haunt the periphery of our waking life; half-glimpsed antagonists born of a culture of rightful fear. He carries this blackness with him always, exorcising it onto the white of the page as often and as fast as he can. But, as Fate delights in, the collective fears of a collective consciousness are an inexhaustible cancer.

Ennis’s short fiction has appeared in various publications online and in print, including: Love: The Breath of Eagleray, at Underland Press (publisher of Jeff VanderMeer’s Finch, John Shirley’s In Extremis, and Kealan Patrick Burke’s The Living); “The Dark That Keeps Her,” published in Twisted Legends, an anthology from Pill Hill Press (honorably mentioned in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year, Vol. 2); and most recently, “The Fishing of Dahlia” published in the Bram Stoker-nominated and Black Quill Award winning Horror Library Volume 4. “The Fishing of Dahlia” also received an honorable mention in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year, Vol. 3.

Ennis lives in Florida, where the sub-tropical climate exacerbates his psychosis (but, you know, the beaches are nice, the beer is cold and the stiffer drinks come with an umbrella).

Check this one out on Amazon: 28 Teeth of Rage

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