100 Years of VicissitudeJohn Hunt Publishing is preparing for the October 16th release of Andrez Bergen’s novel, 100 Years of Vicissitude.

Description: “First up, a disclaimer. I suspect I am a dead man. I have meagre proof, no framed- up certification, nothing to toss in a court of law as evidence of a rapid departure from the mortal coil. I recall a gun was involved, pressed up against my skull, and a loud explosion followed.”

Thus begins our narrator in a purgatorial tour through twentieth-century Japanese history, with a ghostly geisha who has seen it all as a guide and a corrupt millionaire as her reluctant companion.

Thrown into the milieu are saké, B-29s, Lewis Carroll, Sir Thomas Malory, Melbourne, The Wizard of Oz, and a dirigible – along with the allusion that Red Riding Hood might just be involved.

About the Author: Melbourne-born Andrez Bergen is an expatriate Australian author, journalist, DJ, photographer and musician, based in Tokyo, Japan, over the past eleven years. Aside from specializing in Japanese culture, anime, movies, and electronic music’s various tangents, Bergen has written fiction for Another Sky Press and Crime Factory, did a book of prose in collaboration with Polish photographer Tomek Sikora, and he published his debut novel, Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat, in 2011. Bergen makes music and videos under aliases Little Nobody, Slam-Dunk Ninja, and Funk Gadget, he ran indie/experimental record label IF? for fourteen years, he creates the occasional comic, and he’s a self-professed amateur saké connoisseur. One Hundred Years of Vicissitude is his second novel. Bergen is married to Japanese artist Yoko Umehara, and they have a daughter, Cocoa.

You can preorder the paperback from Amazon here: 100 Years of Vicissitude

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