Crossroad Press has brought back Al Sarrantonio’s first novel, The Worms, as an ebook.

Description: A young couple travel to the girl’s hometown and are plunged into a living nightmare of evil – an evil from deep in the past which appears in a shocking and deadly form.

Provine, Massachusetts, is one of those picturesque New England towns where nothing ever seems to change. At least that is how it has always seemed to Felicity Cramer. So when she brings Paul, her fiance, to Province to meet her family, the last thing she expects is for anything out of the ordinary to occur.

Under the sleepy surface of Province lies a devastatingly sinister fate, a fate sealed three hundred years ago when Granny Brind was burned as a witch. Now, the horrifying legacy Granny Brind bequeathed to Province is about to explode with a murderous vengeful power, from which there will be no escape.

The Worms elicits the kind of heart-pounding response fans of horror and fantasy fiction crave. The knockout pace of this terrifyingly suspenseful story will leave you gasping for breath.

This eBook is available in MOBI (Kindle) EPUB (Sony / Nook / iPad / Kobo) PDF (Adobe) and PRC (Mobipocket) formats, directly from Crossroad Press for only $2.99: The Worms

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